Family Room Refresh- Small Changes = Big Impact

I recently completed a family room redecorating project where my client didn't want to completely overhaul the decor, just wanted a refresh. Objects and art she had collected over time weren't being showcased to their potential or at all, being kept in a storage room. One request was the use of burnt orange and copper hues. The decor was very European traditional- (out of my comfort zone haha) but I knew I could help with the pieces that were existing and a few small changes.

Here are the befores:

The room is warm and inviting however needed more contrast since both walls and floors are pretty light- I suggested 5 small changes:

  1. Make the fireplace more dramatic and become the focal point as it is the first thing you see upon entry of the home. The fireplace frame was very similar in tone as the walls, just seeming to just blend in and disappear as you can see in the first and second pictures (Im sorry about the blurriness!) so I decided to have the fireplace tiled with small black hexagon penny tiles and glazed, then add the very dramatic black framed mirror that was hiding in the corner plus 2 other orange matted frames that were hiding in another corner 
  2. Reupholstering the very light and outdated chairs in a thick stripe pattern- a very traditional pattern used in Parisian decor. 
  3. Switching out the too big glass coffee table for a bench that was in a bedroom, not being used. 
  4. Replacing the current throw pillows with new burnt orange and copper hued pillows.
  5. Making a gallery wall with the most treasured art my client wanted to showcase. 

While completing the the gallery wall ( yes. I do this personally lol ) I suggested we take out the large green chair and my client remembered she had a chair in a room that could work. The proportions and colors worked and so it stayed. She entertains a lot so we needed the extra seating. We switched out the glass side table and added another existing piece on the opposite side- added another lamp with a black shade and we are! Tres chic! My client is the sweetest and had some amazing works of original art. I'm grateful I was able to help in showcasing her treasures and make her home express her refined and traditional style.